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Come Golf a Round or Two at Chapel Hill!

Known for its plantation style clubhouse and scenic views, our championship course offers golfers the very best tree-lined fairways and ridges in the area, offering outstanding play at an incredible price.

Greens Fees and Rentals

Greens Fees
9 Holes$10.00, Every Day
9 Holes with Cart$25.00, Every Day
18 Holes$20.00, Every Day
18 Holes with Cart$25.00, Monday & Wednesday
$30.00, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
$35.00, Saturday & Sunday
Cart Rental
9 Holes$10.00, Every Day
18 Holes$15.00, Every Day

Driving Range:
Bucket of balls: 5.00
Bucket of balls and cart: 8.00

Course Rules

U.S.G.A. Rules Govern all play except where modified by Local Rules. Proper attire is required for all golfers, Metal spikes are prohibited.

  1. Play The ball as it lies. Summer rules are in effect unless otherwise posted.
  2. Lateral hazards defined by red stakes or lines - #17, #2, #3
  3. Water hazards are defined by yellow stakes or lines - #3
  4. Out of bounds is defined by white stakes and all property lines
  5. Green caps on red stakes define environmentally protected areas and not to be entered.
  6. Play is prohibited from all flower beds on Golf Course, nearest point of relief , not nearer the hole, no penalty
  7. Fence protecting #1 Tee is an immovable obstruction, play according to the rules, unless otherwise instructed.

Course Information

  1st Hole 2nd Hole 3rd Hole 4th Hole 5th Hole 6th Hole 7th Hole 8th Hole 9th Hole    10th Hole 11th Hole 12th Hole 13th Hole 14th Hole 15th Hole 16th Hole 17th Hole 18th Hole   
Hole 123456789IN 101112131415161718OUTTOT
Par45434543436 4553444343672
Blue Tees3054764041723615004361223473123 25051447215543637837619344032146337
White Tees2954663961623514734221083273000 23849846214542036836216836930306030
Red Tees255382333125302395353972272539 2014224269835027632313428325135052
Handicap9711113351715  18101614241268  

Interactive Course Map